We offer flights to McNeil River Game Sanctuary for permit holders. The area is accessible only to those who have received a permit through the annual lottery drawing held by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.


Flights to McNeil are sold on a seat fare basis. The price per seat is $880.00 (+ 7.5% excise tax). 


The seat fare prices includes a weight of 270lb for a person and their gear. Any additional weight over this amount will be charged at $1.00/lb up to 320lb maximum, subject to availability. If total weight exceeds 320lb, an additional seat will need to be purchased. If the flight is full, we will be unable to accommodate additional weight beyond the 270lb limit.

Maximum weight for all passengers and gear for our aircraft to this location is 810lb.


McNeil River is only accessible at high tide, the time/size of which changes daily. Most days the amount of water in the lagoon at high tide allows us to take off/land with a full load of 810lb (3 passengers + gear). However, certain tides will only allow for enough "runway" to accommodate a reduced load and some are too small for us to access the area at all. 

Travel to McNeil is usually done the day before the first viewing day of your permit, and returns to Homer the day after your final viewing day. Tide and/or weather can alter your travel dates. Feel free to contact us with any questions.